Reader-Submitted Blight: 4701 W Belvedere Avenue

Thanks again to Reader N for this submission!

Property Address:  4701 W Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215

Property Owner:  Pearl Young and Lorna Moss, same address

City Council District and Contact:  District 6, Sharon Green Middleton

State Senator:  Lisa Gladden

State Delegates:  Jill Carter, Nathaniel Oaks, Samuel Rosenberg

4701 W Belvedere Avenue

4701 W Belvedere Avenue

This property is being foreclosed on by another of Stanley Rochkind’s entities — this time it’s Rev-PS, LLC, which is also foreclosing on another property we wrote about recently.



    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I love the “resting comfortably” part. LOL.

      Seems to me that someone closed out this ticket without doing anything — “no cause for action”? Really? so a giant tree on top of a house is okey-dokey with the City. Time to escalate…

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