Reader-Submitted Blight: 728 S Potomac Street

While I agree with Reader D’s assessment that the home is “not as bad” as some of the vacants usually seen on this blog, this home has been vacant for at least the past five years, on what appears to be an otherwise stable block.

Property Address:  728 S Potomac Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Property Owner:  K&M Development, LLC, 912 E 25th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218 (interesting to note, this address does not exist in either the Baltimore City property tax records, or the state property records, yet it shows up as being the place of business for Melnick Jonathan Auctioneers, Inc.)

Registered Agent for K&M Development, LLC:  David N. Kuryck, Esq., The American Building, Suite 702, 231 E Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

City Council District and Contact: District 1, Jim Kraft

State Senator:  William Ferguson IV

State Delegates:  Pete HammenLuke ClippingerBrian McHale

728 S Port Street

728 S Potomac Street

Rear of 728 S Port Street

Rear of 728 S Potomac Street



      • Cindy

        FYI –

        I’ve been looking for a home in Canton so I contacted the attorney for this property and expressed interest in a possible purchase. He contacted the owners who said that it had not been rehabbed but was described to him as “livable” and they want $225K for it. We both had a chuckle over that. I passed on it. He also said they were planning on rehabbing it but didn’t know when.

        p.s. the attorney was VERY nice and helpful.

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! They’ve obviously gotten their real estate advice from HGTV.

  1. K&M Development

    Good afternoon,
    We were made aware of this posting and wanted to respond. We are pleased to be part of this property on this very stable block and have taken steps to improve the front of the building. We would be happy to speak with anyone who might have interest in this property.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      If you’ve improved the front of the property, I’d be happy to post pictures if you take them and send them.

  2. Bob Kean

    Based on recent comps FMV for a deteriorated inside TH in this area is between $100-150K, depending on scope of work required to bring it to decent or better shape post renovation. I did one on Eastern Ave in which I reside and I paid $73,500 in Dec 2010 which was probably near market bottom. It had to be reframed and completely gutted. Subsequent properties in similar condition have since gone up in price. I did not bother to look up the acquisition cost for present owners but that does not matter, regardless.of what they paid.Their offer to sell @ $225K is another way of saying “If you are stupid enough to pay that we will sell it to you!”

    I would advise nearby neighbors to bombard them with complaints.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I think people still have a very warped sense of what kind of prices they can get for their homes — there’s one up the street from me, on an undesirable block, and it’s listed for almost $300K. Needless to say, it’s been sitting there for years — the owner can’t even rent it, as they want almost $1800 a month in rent. Cut each by half ($150K or $900 a month) and they might get some takers. Makes no sense to me.

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