Link Roundup

Changes coming for BCFD firefighters — the mayor’s budget calls for longer hours, and a loss of 100 to 300 positions due to attrition (depending on which media source you read, the number changes).  This equates to longer hours for what amounts to less pay.  Unfair and unwarranted, how about giving other city employees the same rotten deal, not just the ones who are charged with saving lives?

A sad commentary on public housing in Baltimore.

More suspected arson fires in Detroit, firefighters “pushed to the limits”.

The fight over the city’s new casino project continues.

The Atlantic Cities examines why skyrocketing rents are actually bad for the economy.

A Maryland attorney was indicted on nine counts of wire fraud, stemming from his real estate investment scheme, according to the FBI.

Speaking of fraud, Stewart Sachs, a slumlord we’ve written about several times, has now been charged with money laundering — specifically, a drug dealer’s loan payments.  And they say slumlords don’t commit other crimes…

A bit of drama over at the Annapolis Housing Authority — they’re not sure whether Carl Snowden, a former city alderman, will be allowed to remain chairman of the Housing Authority’s board after he’s released from jail.

The Baltimore Brew asks whether we should house the homeless in the city’s many vacants — what do you think?

While the comments flew after this story in the Brew about liquor stores, Pennsylvania was busy working to end its stranglehold on liquor sales, while in Baltimore…we want the government to have even more control.

Good news-bad news in Cleveland:  The number of vacant homes has increased, despite a decrease in foreclosures.

Milwaukee has decided to use a new strategy to beautify its vacant buildings:  artistic boardups.

Good news for Detroit, too:  Lead poisoning in children has dropped 70 percent, though you have to wonder — have property owners gotten better, or have more people simply left…so there are less children living in lead paint-filled homes?



  1. sick of you entitled self anialating scum

    Wow, as someone purporting to bring the newspaper” to people to you sure love add your own spin on things. Stewart Sachs owned low infome properties. No doubt about that. But do the tenants that he rents to take care of the properties? Hell no!
    HERE’S a question for you captain righteous….when a landlord rents a freshly painted, newly carpeted home to a bunch of ghetto trash and they destroy the place within months, ripping out the copper piping to sell for crack, flushing chicken bones down tge toilet, cutting holes in the walla so they can sell drugs like a drive through. .. if you owned the house how many times would you redo that properrty??
    Where are your rants about how these people treat their owns homes???
    Wh3n the row homes went up way back when, they were bluff by immigrants that had no money, little education, but an amazing work ethic and pride for their homes and neighborhoods. The had the same struggle all poor, uneducated have, explain why Stewart Sachs is a slum lord? Sounds more like he’s a scum lord. He rents to people that don’t care about the rights of others. They don’t care about their neighborhood and they damn sure have no self fpride. Please respond. I dare you.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I don’t know what you mean by “purporting to bring the newspaper to people”…but…

      The posts regarding Stewart Sachs focus on his ownership of blighted vacant homes. Homes he has owned for years, yet nothing has been done with them. The few that have been rehabbed, not all of the work has been done with permits, and therefore damage was done to some of the neighboring homes.

      The old argument “I’m not a slumlord because I rent to low-income people who trash my homes” is invalid. You own the homes and therefore can choose who you rent to. If you’re simply looking for that “easy section 8 income” and don’t screen tenants properly — that’s nobody’s fault but your own. There are good tenants out there, but they’re not willing to pay $1500 to live in a dump located in a marginal neighborhood.

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