Change Is Good

What a whirlwind couple of weeks this has been!  To all of you who have sent emails, facebook messages, tweets…a thousand thank yous for all of your support!  I’m going to try to answer some of your questions here — but feel free to keep those emails coming!

A few people have asked about this blog, and how (or whether) it will continue — and the answer is absolutely yes.  While I’m now working on another project — an evolution of this one, in a way — I’m still going to use this blog to highlight the art project started by Wall Hunters as that evolves, and also to keep adding vacant properties to the roster.

My new effort, Housing Policy Watch is more focused on three things:

  • Housing policy, and how we can effect change at the government level, through outreach and education.
  • Working with groups of residents that have problem properties in their community, helping those residents become better advocates and finding solutions that are more sustainable over the long-term.  Under the umbrella of working with residents, there will also be workshops for property owners (yes, good landlords, that includes you!) and tenants.
  • Providing technical assistance to individuals and groups that want to start (or have already started) similar projects and outreach efforts in other cities and towns.

The new project is entirely funded through the generosity of donors who understand we need to start looking at different methods of problem solving.  Please consider making a generous donation today, and sign up for our mailing list!  (I promise I won’t flood your inbox with a lot of emails!)

Thank you again for your support, kindness, and suggestions over the past four and a half years.


Carol Ott
Housing Policy Watch



  1. Kevin Simek

    Keep Up the great work. Its a pleasure seeing People who still care about these Cities. Hopefully you can get a few Locals with the same interests to clean up the City. We will be following your progress from Panama City Beach , Florida…… Good Luck….. Kevin & Karrie Simek

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