4110 Ridgewood Avenue

Property Address:  4110 Ridgewood Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215

Property Owner:  4110 Ridgewood Avenue, LLC, 2601 Garrison Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21216 / 10169 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 103, Silver Spring, MD 20903  (Charter is forfeited, company is not in good standing.)

Resident Agent for 4110 Ridgewood Avenue, LLC:  Antonio Almenara, same Silver Spring address (address is actually a maildrop called Parcels Etc., which is not allowed under Maryland law.)

City Council District and Contact:  District 6, Sharon Green Middleton

State Senator:  Lisa Gladden

State Delegates:  Jill Carter, Nathaniel Oaks, Samuel Rosenberg

4110 Ridgewood Avenue

4110 Ridgewood Avenue




  1. Ms. Colbert

    Owner or whom ever is responsible for 4110 Ridgewood Avenue, please attend to the overgrown , forest like ground area. It’s attracting, and being inhabited by wild animals.

    How can I find out if some of the land/ground can be purchased, so it can be cleared and made safe for the children living next door.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      This property is in receivership — as of August the 14th, a receiver was appointed. I will contact Housing and let them know the yard needs some attention.

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