Update: 1226 Hollins Street

This sad property has only deteriorated in the four years since we first wrote about it.  Same ownership, too.  I fail to understand why someone would bother to own a property (even to pay off a foreclosure) and then not do anything with it.  Where’s the advantage in that?

1226 Hollins Street, June 20, 2014

1226 Hollins Street, June 20, 2014




  1. Amos

    Zillow values the house at $51K. Zillow estimates the rent at $1265 which sounds about right. It looks like it would cost $250-$300,000 to put into proper shape for a tenant to desire it, and subsidized tenants, the only ones who have $1265 to pay for Hollins Market,have all the say these days. Since there’s no resale potential, why would anybody want to take this on for what amounts to a 3.5% lifetime annuity. Sad.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I agree. The amount of money it would take to bring this home even close to habitable wouldn’t be worth it. So…why bother hanging onto it?

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