3714 Woodbine Avenue

Property Address: 3714 Woodbine Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21207

Property Owner: Mayess Craig, same address

City Council District and Contact:  District 5, Rochelle Rikki Spector

State Senator:  Lisa Gladden

State Delegates:  Jill Carter, Nathaniel Oaks, Samuel Rosenberg

3714 Woodbine Avenue

3714 Woodbine Avenue

Thanks to Reader AB for sending this along — apparently the home has been in this condition for some time, and has received multiple citations from the time the home was supposed to have been torn down — in 2010.

Currently, it is home to a family of raccoons.




  1. Aisha Banks

    Wondering what the next step will be to eliminating this horrible dangerous house from our Howard Park neighborhood. I sent a letter to all the elected officials about this NOW I WAIT.

  2. Anonymous

    I live in the neighborhood and I am tired of seeing this house! I feel sorry for the people who live next door to that hellhole! The owner lives in Milford Mill. The bank attempted to foreclose but it wasn’t successful.

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