1402 Druid Hill Avenue

Property Address: 1402 Druid Hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

Property Owner:  CAV Commercial, LLC, 8715 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21236

Resident Agent for CAV Commercial, LLC: Gary W. Waicker, same address

City Council District and Contact: District 11, Eric T. Costello

State Senator: Shirley Nathan-Pulliam

State Delegate:  Keith Haynes

This home is another example of flawed SDAT information. The home is listed on SDAT as being owned by the Mayor and City Council — yet it was sold to Gary Waicker’s company, CAV Commercial, LLC.  What’s really odd is that the Waickers (Gary and his wife Diane) owned the home in the early and mid-1990s, and gave it to the city in lieu of taxes owed. Then they re-purchased the home in 2010, only to let it remain a vacant eyesore.

1402 SDAT information

1402 Druid Hill Avenue SDAT information

1402 Druid Hill Avenue

1402 Druid Hill Avenue

You would think the City would have learned the first time — considering the number of foreclosures and lead paint lawsuits filed against Mr. Waicker, selling the home to him wouldn’t be the best idea. Also interesting to note that Mr. Waicker sued the Baltimore City Paper for calling him a “slumlord”, and lost that lawsuit.

This neighborhood contains some of the most storied names in Baltimore’s civil rights history — and some interesting people owned this home at one time. In 1911, a New York newspaper, the New York Age, published a story about the home’s owners, Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Waller:

Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Waller have taken up residence in Brooklyn, where Mrs. Waller will prosecute her claim in the estate of her great-grandfather, William Jarvis. The property, which is in Greater New York and Long Island, is said to be in the hands of some rich whites, but that their title is said to be defective. It is valued at several million dollars. William Jarvis was a white man, who clandestinely married a colored woman. His property passed into the hands of white relatives at his death. Mrs. Waller and several others now claim it as lineal descendants. Mrs. Waller is a member of the well-known Jarvis family of Brooklyn and is very hopeful of establishing her claim, which will be contested in the courts in the near future. John W. Rich, chief clerk in the legal department of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, has leased the home of Mr. and Mrs. Waller, at 1402 Druid Hill Avenue, Baltimore. Mr. Waller has just resigned his position as a salesman for Castleberg Bros., a well-known Baltimore jewelers.

I could find no further information about the Wallers, and whether Mrs. Waller was successful in her legal challenge, though I’m dying to know how the story turned out!


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