1318 Druid Hill Avenue: Historic Blight

Property Address: 1318 Druid Hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

Property Owner: Janice Stanton Hines, 3339 Charleston Street, Houston, TX 77021

City Council District and Contact: District 11, Eric T. Costello

State Senator: Shirley Nathan-Pulliam

State Delegate:  Keith Haynes

The current owner of this home (a lawyer, no less) was jailed in Michigan, in 2010, for stealing $800,000 from her mother, who was 95 at the time. She was released in August of the same year, after repaying the money. In 2011, she sued family members, but the case was dismissed for failure to pay the $175 filing fee.

1318 Druid Hill Avenue is the former home of Henry Sythe Cummings, one of the first two African-American men to graduate from the University of Maryland School of Law. He lived in the home from 1911 until 1917, when he suffered a stroke and died. He was also the first African American Baltimore City Councilman. His legacy should be preserved, including this home — it’s a shame the out of town slumlord owner probably won’t be back to make needed repairs.

Sorry for the lousy photo, but there was no way to get a good shot, due to the overgrown tree in front.

1318 Druid Hill Avenue

1318 Druid Hill Avenue


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