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Mike Schaefer, Candidate for Baltimore City Sheriff Responds.

We received a bizarre email chain from candidate for Baltimore City Sheriff, Mike Schaefer, in response to an earlier post we wrote about his disbarment, slumlording, and subsequent entry into the Baltimore City Sheriff’s race.  Apparently the “CONTACT US” link at the top of the blog confused him, so he sent emails to WordPress, and to Lucian Marin, the guy who designed the WordPress theme we’re using.  Keep in mind, we don’t actually know Mr. Marin — there are literally hundreds of themes you can choose from if you use WordPress, and we happened to really like his.  Sorry, Lucian, for the emails you received.

The email chain, including multiple headers and ramblings from Mr. Schaefer goes on for about seven pages, so we’ll spare you all of that.  However, we did receive the following email once Mr. Schaefer figured out the complex task of sending an email to the correct party:

Am the landlord’s candidate in this race, if you read the website, and have done a very good job but for a few glitches, an LA judge ordered to repair 7 things in 30 days, hired contractor who took are of 5 of them, told me he had material delays as to two, had him come to court explain that, expected judge to commend us for 5 of the 7 and give 30 days for contractor to complete last two, instead got 5 days in jail for “failure to patch and seal all holes cracks and crevices” and 5 days for “failure to have smooth and cleanable surfaces on all walls”, try and explain that to hardened criminals in LA County Custody as to why-are-you-here, that was early 80s.  I am a survivor and we need public officials who understand how government can thrash good citizens and their efforts.   mike           My son is in entertainment promotion in LA now, here is pix of him with one of his friends, one of the more bizarre, he also knows Weird Al and Pauley Shore; I represent the living Munchkins, the Lollipop Munchkin 90, from Wizard of Oz, the 1939 classic firm;  you and baltimore would enjoy this law professioanls with 100 nights of in field ride along police experience, as the new sheriff.  mike schaefer

He also included a photo of his son with Pee Wee Herman. The email text above is 100% as I received it, and not edited. Folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up…but I do try to be fair and post responses and rebuttals. No matter how…disjointed…they might be.

MDE Issues Enforcement Actions Against 18 City Property Owners for Lead Paint Violations

From the Maryland Department of the Environment:

MDE’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program serves as the coordinating agency of statewide efforts to eliminate childhood lead poisoning. Under the 1994 “Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing Act,” MDE assures compliance with mandatory requirements for lead risk reduction in rental units built before 1950, maintains a statewide listing of registered and inspected units and provides blood lead surveillance through a registry of test results of all children tested in Maryland. Alleged violations typically involve a failure to register properties or meet lead risk reduction standards. The following actions were for properties alleged to be out of compliance with lead risk reduction standards:

  • Felicia Thomas: 2 affected properties, $15,000 for alleged violations.
  • Schaefer-Nevada, Inc.: 1 affected property, $16,500 for alleged violations.
  • Tima Hawes, Michael Brown and Black Lotus Development, Inc.: 2 affected properties, $22,000 for alleged violations.
  • Malcolm R. Hill and Jacqueline Hill: 4 affected properties, $16,500 for alleged violations.
  • Bernard Amernick: 25 affected properties, $21,500 for alleged violations.
  • James L. Davis: 2 affected properties, $22,000 for alleged violations.
  • William R. Hill: 8 affected properties, $10,300 for alleged violations.
  • Donna Sekora and Heather Sekora: 11 affected properties, The defendants agreed to a penalty of $6,000.
  • Rodwell A. Bailey: 2 affected properties, The defendant agreed to a penalty of $8,250.
  • Team Fisher Enterprises, LLC: 1 affected property, $16,500 for alleged violations.
  • Joseph Rehak: 2 affected properties, $12,500 for alleged violations.
  • Ree and Mei Investments, Inc.: 4 affected properties, $16,500 for alleged violations.
  • Kenneth Jenkins: 1 affected property, $16,500 for alleged violations.
  • Simple Life Us, Inc.: 2 affected properties, $32,000 for alleged violations.
  • William Wright, Jr.: 6 affected properties, $27,000 for alleged violations.
  • Robert A. Fisher and Team Fisher Properties, LLC: 8 affected properties, $38,500 for alleged violations.
  • Darryl A. Hill and Erica M. Hill: 2 affected properties, $21,000 for alleged violations.
  • Raymond Kozlewski and Patricia Kozlewski: 3 affected properties, $27,500 for alleged violations.

Many thanks to the MDE for their efforts towards a lead-free Baltimore.

There’s a New Sheriff…Slumlord…In Town

Notorious Los Angeles slumlord Mike Schaefer is running for the office of Baltimore City Sheriff.  A perennial candidate for many political offices, including US Senate, Schaefer is a slumlord who was jailed in 1982 for failing to make repairs to a downtown Los Angeles building.  He is also the treasurer of Nevada-Schaefer, Inc., the former owner of 1504-1528 Brentwood in Baltimore City, a blighted block we wrote about in March of 2009 (sold in 2005).

In addition to being a slumlord, Schaefer is a former lawyer who was disbarred in Nevada and California.

The City Paper ran an article in 2007 on mayoral candidates, Mike Schaefer has an…interesting photo (scroll down).  Thanks to reader “Rusty” for sending the link.

Folks, I don’t know about you, but this isn’t someone I’d want in a position of even the lowest level of power in our city.


As if it wasn’t bad enough that the guy is a slumlord, he also has quite the interesting criminal record in Baltimore.  Here are 2010’s highlights:

  • Failure to Comply with a Peace Order (January 2010)
  • 2nd Degree Assault (March 2010)
  • 2nd Degree Assault and False Imprisonment (August 2010)