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Year-End Wrap

Posted from Housing Policy Watch:

Blighted vacant homes in BaltimoreAs 2014 draws to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the work that’s been happening over the past year. You can support this work by going here and making a tax-deductible contribution that will be matched by the Warnock Foundation.

A total of 263 posts were written, between this website and the Housing Policy Watch project’s website.

Of those posts, we managed to highlight a total of 234 blighted nuisance properties, and updated you on 25 properties that were written about over the years. 18 of those properties were or are in some stage of the receivership process. Other issues that we pushed to the forefront in 2014:

  • Affordable rental housing for working families
  • The failure of our city and state property records
  • Strengthening Maryland’s housing laws to allow for honest property owners to shine, while ridding us of the financial and personal burdens of dealing with the bad ones.
  • Highlighting historically significant properties, and properties that have stories behind them that are worth sharing.
  • Showcasing well-done rehabs, giving encouragement to those who want to own and rehab properties within the bounds of the law.
  • Sending more viable properties to Baltimore Housing, in order to move them into receivership.

A few other 2014 highlights:

  • Three projects were started in other cities to draw attention to lax code enforcement and nuisance properties, bringing the total number of BSW-inspired projects to seven nationwide.
  • Completed two neighborhood maps (crime and property transfers), showing property ownership types in relation to areas of high crime. Work continues on the citywide map, and we’ve added a second neighborhood to the neighborhood mapping project.
  • Assisted neighbors with 37 nuisance properties, resulting in citations and cleanup efforts through referral to city agencies like Baltimore Housing and DPW, and community groups.

You can read about the upcoming work we’d like to accomplish in 2015 here and here. None of this work could be accomplished without all of the residents who email and leave comments on both websites, send photos, call about nuisance properties, share our work on Facebook and Twitter, and of course — donate. Your financial contribution is so important to keeping both of these projects alive, and right now your donations are being doubled by a matching fund from the Warnock Foundation, allowing for even more accomplishments in 2015. Please donate today!






Update: 1117 Carroll Street

And now the house was set on fire. (Updated December 19, 2014.)

1117 Carroll Street, the morning of December 19, 2014

1117 Carroll Street, the morning of December 19, 2014


This home was originally posted in 2011, and sadly — conditions have gotten worse.

Property Address: 1117 Carroll Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner: Irene Davis, same address. Interesting to note, in 2009, Heidi Kenny (of ground rent and tax foreclosure fame) filed to foreclose on this home, yet the case was subsequently dismissed.)

City Council District and Contact:  District 10, Ed Reisinger

State Senator:  Verna Jones Rodwell

State Delegates:  Keith HaynesKeiffer Mitchell JrMelvin Stukes

1117 Carroll Street

1117 Carroll Street

The glass has been smashed out and it appears people have been coming and going through this basement window.

The glass has been smashed out and it appears people have been coming and going through this basement window.

1117 Carroll Street, rear yard is still a mess -- a dumping ground for trash and household items. The yard is so overgrown you can't see the house.

1117 Carroll Street, rear yard is still a mess — a dumping ground for trash and household items. The yard is so overgrown you can’t see the house.


Update: New Properties on the Block

A bunch of properties featured on the blog will be auctioned off at the end of the month — hopefully they’ll go to owners will will do something with them, and not people who will continue to let them deteriorate.

Many thanks to the attorneys at Baltimore Housing for their hard work getting these properties away from their neglectful owners:

1909 W Fairmount Avenue

803 N Collington Avenue

3520 E Fayette Street

617 N Grantley Street

2037 Orleans Street

2530 Orleans Street

Update: 854 Carroll Street

Property Address:  854 Carroll Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  Talbot Consulting, LLC, 20 New Plant Court, Suite 106, Owings Mills, MD 21117

Resident Agent for Talbot Consulting, LLC:  Stewart D. Sachs, same address

City Council District and Contact:  District 10, Edward Reisinger

State Senator:  William Ferguson IV

State Delegates:  Pete Hammen, Luke Clippinger, Brian McHale

This property is the subject of a foreclosure case from 2013 that was recently reopened.  There have been no changes made to this property other than the tree that is now growing in the basement and sprouting out one of the windows.  Hopefully this property can be torn down or rehabbed, as it’s an eyesore on an otherwise decent block.

The last permit on this house expired in 2008. You can see the original post from 2010 here.

854 Carroll Street, September 19, 2014

854 Carroll Street, September 19, 2014

Update: 310 N Franklintown Road

This property, one of many owned by shell entities created by slumlord Stanley Rochkind and his associates, went through the receivership process, and will soon be auctioned off — hopefully to someone who will actually maintain the property and not allow it to fall into ruin.

See the property and the original post (from January of this year) here.