Category: Updates

Update: 1430-1432 Druid Hill Avenue

Great news! These two homes were purchased in December, and the new owner is looking forward to starting the work to bring them back to life. I was given a tour of one of the homes the owner did nearby, and it’s absolutely beautiful. They received Federal historic tax credits, and as a result, so many of the home’s original features were preserved.

I can’t wait to see what happens to these two — you can read the original post here.

Update: 923-927 Washington Boulevard

These properties are scheduled to be demolished July 1, 2015. One other property on this block was demolished (a large corner building) and the parcel will be turned into a fenced parking lot for the short term. Hopefully someone will eventually purchase the lot and build something to benefit the surrounding neighborhood.

In the meantime, have a look at 923 while it’s still standing. Sadly, the condition of this property only declined since 2011 when the original information was posted.

Update: 4727 Old York Road

This property is now making its way through the receivership process. Hopefully it will be sold and the new owners will not allow this property to become a nuisance to the neighbors.

Update: 917 N Rose Street

This property went into receivership and is being auctioned off — hopefully the next buyer will be more responsible than the last.

Buyer beware — clean up your blight, or lose your properties!