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Update: 517 N Port Street

Unfortunately, this is another property where there’s not much to report — it’s still a boarded-up eyesore, devoid of a responsible owner.  You can read the original post here.

However, it does serve as a reminder that the taking of a property by the City is not always a quick and easy process.  Baltimore Housing filed for receivership of this property back in 2011, and they filed to foreclose on the property in 2013.  I have to wonder how much taxpayer money it’s cost thus far to take this property, and whether that amount exceeds the actual value (now and in the future) of this property.

There are no easy solutions to the vacancy problem, despite what some may think.  I just have to wonder about the motivation of someone who purchases a property in our city, only to leave it to rot?  Why bother?  And why foist this nuisance onto the neighbors?

517 N Port Street, on the right.  Note the attractive rehabbed home next door -- would you want to live next to this eyesore?

517 N Port Street, on the right. Note the attractive rehabbed home next door — would you want to live next to this eyesore?


Update: 1250 Glyndon Avenue

This property was featured on the blog in February of 2010 and has remained vacant ever since.  On January 8, Baltimore Housing filed a receivership petition against its owner, Rex Frost, who owns other blighted homes across the city — hopefully this property will soon go to an owner who will actually do something with it, instead of allowing it to become a blighted nuisance to the neighbors.


Update: 344 S Robinson

Baltimore Housing filed a receivership petition on this property (view original post here) on January 6, against its current owner, New Community Partners, LLC.

New Community Partners acquired the property from its previous owner in August of 2012, and apparently did nothing with it.  The only current permit on this property, which expires next month, is to install ductwork and a hot water heater.

Happy New Year!

This is reposted from the Housing Policy Watch website, but the sentiment still remains.

Sorry this post is a little late — the past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind!

First, let me say thank you so much for all of your support — your emails, voice mail messages, tweets, and Facebook posts have been great — even those who have voiced their dissent, please know I’m paying attention and all voices are welcome at the table. The past seven months have been an incredible ride, and I look forward to a productive 2014!

This was part of my December email to everyone on the mailing list, but I think it bears repeating — your generous support has allowed me to touch a lot of people and get started on some much-needed work for the new year:

Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to bring national and international attention to the problem of vacant homes — we’ve also started a grassroots movement towards more transparency and accountability by government and property owners, and how we can perhaps make changes to ensure the current pattern doesn’t continue for five more decades. We’ve also had quite a bit of success getting homes added to the city’s Vacants to Value program — hopefully many more will be added in the coming year, to add to the City’s tax base.

In 2014, we’re going to be continuing the movement for more government accountability and transparency, and also working closely with the State’s Attorney’s Office and Baltimore Housing to develop a plan for enhanced penalties for repeat Housing Court offenders. We’re also going to continue the community outreach and referrals to legal services for tenants who are living in inhumane conditions, and also find ways to encourage our city government to be more accountable to taxpayers, and more transparent — because we can do better.

May 2014 bring you good health, much happiness, and prosperity!

1015 Binney Street

Property Address: 1015 Binney Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Property Owner: Anna Ragolio Szczerba, 818 Bengies Road, Baltimore, MD 21220

City Council District and Contact: District 1, Jim Kraft

State Senator:  William Ferguson IV

State Delegates:  Pete HammenLuke ClippingerBrian McHale

1015 Binney Street

1015 Binney Street

Broken 2nd Floor Window

Broken 2nd Floor Window

Unsafe stairs

Unsafe stairs

Baltimore Housing has filed a receivership case against this property owner.

Many thanks to Reader Rusty for the photos and information!