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Link Roundup

As you can imagine, folks in Cleveland are tired of slumlords, too.  And they had some words for an absentee slumlord who lives in Florida.

In New York, an attorney was convicted on multiple counts of mortgage fraud, but the NY Attorney General lost a few counts, despite testimony from the attorney’s employees.

An office building in downtown Baltimore will be converted to apartments — however, it looks like no affordable units are planned.

ABC2 News reports that an Owings Mills Man will be spending the next 25 years in prison for his role in a mortgage fraud scheme.

Even more apartments coming to downtown Baltimore, according to Steve Kilar at the Baltimore Sun.  It’s unclear whether any of the buildings will include workforce housing.

A rather bizarre interview with the CEO of Wells Fargo about the economy, mortgage fraud, and board conflicts.

DSNews and CoreLogic report that mortgage fraud is on the rise again, with increased short sale fraud expected.

Howard Park is still waiting for their ShopRite Supermarket — what’s the holdup?

Interesting to see that Johns Hopkins is pledging millions of dollars to fix up the neighborhoods surrounding its Homewood campus — what about all of the lead paint-filled blighted homes owned by the Bloomberg School of Public Health near Johns Hopkins Hospital in East Baltimore?




Link Roundup

NY AG to Wells Fargo — You’re violating the terms of the mortgage settlement agreement.  (Surprise, surprise, Wells Fargo is up to its shady business again….)

Also from DSNews, the feds have decided to go after companies for their mortgage advertising tactics, particularly the way they target seniors and veterans. 

Add your thoughts to this Shelterforce poll:  Should neighborhood-based housing groups still do housing development?

From Shelterforce’s Rooflines blog:  Marrying rehab and affordable housing in Milwaukee.

A little late, but our thoughts are with Baltimore Brew editor Fern Shen as she helps her family deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.