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Possible Mortgage Modification Scam Alert

If you have been contacted by DC attorney Adrian Cronauer, or his firm Cronauer Law Center regarding a mortgage modification, please contact Robert Strupp, Manager of Systemic Investigations at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition immediately.

According to the NCRC, Cronauer solicited consumers so he could collect thousands of dollars in up-front fees, which is illegal, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

If you feel you have been the victim of a mortgage modification scam, you should also contact your state’s Attorney General.

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Three conspirators were convicted in a $78 million mortgage scam, according to the FBI Baltimore Office.

Information for victims of morgtage scams from the Maryland Mortgage Fraud Task Force and the US DOJ.

Philadelphia’s City Paper details the decline of once-wealthy slumlord Robert Coyle, and how his “empire” of slummy homes were foreclosed on.

Did you know you can search Baltimore’s zoning board docket by address, neighborhood, or hearing date?  You can also find relevant documents, including plans, permit applications, and more.

Seven percent of the homes in one of Baltimore’s “most dangerous neighborhoods” are vacant, according to a report from ABC2 News.

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Selectmen to slumlords: “Don’t MESS with Webster, Massachusetts!”

State tax booklet adds to the ground rent mess in Baltimore, reported by the Baltimore Sun.

Dear Damian Bohager, you know things are bad when the neighbors would rather have a vacant building than you as a neighbor.  Tax scofflaws are apparently not welcome in Pigtown/Washington Village.

Maryland lawyer and two employees are indicted for mortgage fraud, according to the Daily Record.

More mortgage fraud shenanigans in Maryland, this time reported by the FBI.,,

…and even more mortgage fraud.

Information for “Residential Relief Foundation” Scam Victims

If you or someone you know were swindled by the Residential Relief Foundation, Silver Lining Services, or Mitigation America, you shouldn’t plan on receiving any compensation, according to a press release from the Greater Maryland Better Business Bureau.

Unfortunately, the FTC often finds that in cases of this type much of the money taken from consumers has been spent. Redress is then limited or even non-existent. In addition, the eventual unwinding of the finances of a company that has engaged in deception may take months or years. As a result, consumers who paid money to defendants in actions of this type should attempt to resolve their affairs as best they can without any expectation of recovering money from the defendants.

However, you should still file a complaint with the FTC, in case anything changes.  We hope the FTC lawsuit is successful and the principals in these companies serve time in a Federal prison.