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Link Roundup

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so there are lots of random interesting links!

Oh, the things people do in and around vacants…don’t let your kids read this one.

The Chicago City Council approved a measure that offers renters protection if their apartment building goes into foreclosure.

While many residents are pleased with the project at Uplands, in Baltimore, not all are happy with the restrictions.

So far this year, Baltimore has seen 10 fire fatalities, more than in all of 2012.  The man who died in this fire in South Baltimore was one of them.

Lots of arson in Detroit, including this vacant fire.  I guess the arsonist wanted to make sure it REALLY REALLY burned.

I remember Gary, Indiana being a mess when I was a kid — apparently decades later, it still is.  For many of the same reasons that plague Baltimore.

The battle continues over the proposed Royal Farms in Hamilton, according to this article from Baltimore Brew.

A Baltimore Sun letter to the editor regarding the city’s $107 million tax giveaway — very well done, Jeff Singer from Baltimore.

It’s nice to see property owners and developers in other cities can come up with ways to creatively use vacant properties.  Turning them into homes that aren’t over-improved, and renting them for a reasonable, appropriate rent, is a sure way to build stronger neighborhoods.  Kudos to this Cleveland developer!

Richmond’s 9th City Council District is apparently a blighted eyesore, thanks to city-owned blighted property and vacant lots.  Hmmm…

Some Chicago kids may have to walk past even more blighted vacants on their way to school, and it’s not making the parents happy.  Can’t say I blame them!

Milwaukee Fox 6 reports that police are seeing an uptick in scrappers stealing siding from homes, particularly in areas with a lot of vacants.

Shelterforce has been on a recent roll lately with the good blog posts.  This one taught me a new word:  “Metropollyanna”.  Don’t be one of those people.

Also from Shelterforce — do artists have a place in the public planning process?

Nice to see this vacant building in Station North will finally get a facelift after so many years of neglect.

Link Roundup

A Baltimore mortgage appraiser was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his role in a mortgage fraud scheme that defrauded lenders of approximately $2.5 million.

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a popular concept with planners and urbanists, but who does it benefit?  Shelterforce offers some ways to improve TOD and make it more inclusive.

If you live on the city’s west side, you may want to pay close attention to the cuts to our fire department, proposed by Chief Clack.

Michael Campbell, president of the Fire Officer’s Union, Local 964 asks residents to get involved and demand a fully-funded fire department.

While residents are possibly losing public safety, developers are getting tax breaks — welcome to Baltimore!

News from Chicago — a South Chicago man was charged with arson, after two vacant homes were set on fire.

Link Roundup

NY AG to Wells Fargo — You’re violating the terms of the mortgage settlement agreement.  (Surprise, surprise, Wells Fargo is up to its shady business again….)

Also from DSNews, the feds have decided to go after companies for their mortgage advertising tactics, particularly the way they target seniors and veterans. 

Add your thoughts to this Shelterforce poll:  Should neighborhood-based housing groups still do housing development?

From Shelterforce’s Rooflines blog:  Marrying rehab and affordable housing in Milwaukee.

A little late, but our thoughts are with Baltimore Brew editor Fern Shen as she helps her family deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.